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Farmers from all EU countries come to Luxembourg to demand a recovery plan for agriculture


22 Jun 2009


Agriculture & Food
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A large pan-European farmers’ demonstration is taking place in Luxembourg today. Several thousand protesters have come from all 27 EU countries to show Europe and the agriculture ministers meeting there how serious the crisis really is.

Speaking at a press conference today, Copa President Padraig Walshe said, “We have been in a very severe crisis for several months now, especially in the milk sector, which has been hit like no other. We must have an immediate response from our agriculture ministers and we are here today to demand it. Without farmers, there is no food. Unless urgent action is taken, the future of Europe’s food supplies could be at risk. Farming in mountainous or difficult areas, which supply 60% of EU milk, may well disappear forever.”

Cogeca Vice-President Bruni stressed, “We must have a recovery plan for farming. It must be coherent and help farmers and their cooperatives to survive the current, exceptional crisis. We must receive a better share of the value of our products, we must be paid on time and we must all be able to make a fair living from our work. It is not only European farmers who are at risk. Millions of jobs in the EU food industry are at stake too. ”

President Walshe concluded by saying, “Retailers are putting extraordinary pressure on us. We demand a fair share of the retail price.”

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