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Eurozone crisis has not been managed effectively say MEPs


04 Apr 2012


Euro & Finance

- Expansion and integration likely casualties

Seventy-seven percent of MEPs say that European political leaders have not managed the Eurozone debt crisis effectively, according to the latest ComRes EuroPoll™ Survey. Only 14%, the majority being members of the EPP group, express their support for the EU’s current political leadership.

Engaging top decision-makers at EU level, the EuroPoll™ Survey provides unmatched insight into the perceptions and opinions of MEPs from every political group and geographical region. It measures the confidential views of key EU policymakers on the issues and reputations that matter in a fast changing Europe. The most recent ComRes survey of 102 MEPs investigated views about the effects of the Eurozone debt crisis on the future of Europe.

A majority of MEPs are concerned about the impact of the debt crisis on integration. Sixty-six percent say that ‘the Eurozone debt crisis will make future European integration more difficult to achieve’.

By the same token, more than 60% of MEPs, including 68% of ALDE and 50% of PASD Members, believe that due to the crisis, further EU expansion is going to be more difficult. This belief is strongest among MEPs from the member states which joined the EU in the mid-2000s. Backed up by their experience of the regulatory and economic change necessary to their own countries’ accessions, these MEPs are likely to have a unique perspective on this ongoing impact.

Despite these challenges more than half of MEPs (52%) do not believe that the much-discussed concept of a two-speed Europe is inevitable. 61% of MEPs representing the EPP and 59% MEPs from the ALDE Group express this view. Likewise, 54% of MEPs do not expect any Eurozone country to abandon the Euro and return to their original currency within the next year. However, a significant minority (34%) take the opposite view.

The results of this survey demonstrate clear dissatisfaction among MEPs with the economic governance of European political leaders. However, although the data shows that MEPs expect further expansion and integration of the EU to be made more difficult by the crisis, there is optimism that a two-speed Europe can be avoided.

Methodology: ComRes surveyed 102 MEPs on the ComRes MEPs Panel between 30 January 2012 and 29 February 2012 by self-completion and online questionnaire. Data were weighted to reflect accurately the composition of the European Parliament. Full data tables are available on the ComRes website.

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