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02 Dec 2009


Public Affairs

Kellen Europe Executives chair a debate on how to get your message across and look at the implications of the NEW Europe on EU Trade Associations

Brussels - (December 1st, 2009) – On November 30th, The European Public Affairs community gathered in Brussels for the inaugural edition of the European Public Affairs Action Day. The event brought together over 150 professionals active on the Brussels EU scene and opened with a key note session on MEP attitudes to polling, followed by six breakout sessions moderated by some of the biggest name in the profession.

Kellen’s Managing Partner Alfons Westgeest and Maria Teresa Scardigli, Vice President at Kellen Europe chaired a session on ‘How many outreach streams you really need to get your message across’. Panellists were Lizanne Scott, head of Global Government Affairs and Country Management Strategic Operations at Motorola and Truus Huisman, Director of European Public Affairs at Unilever (and winner of the 2009 European Public Affairs Award for Corporate Public Affairs Professional of the year). .

The session focussed on how corporations can work effectively with industry associations and interest groups by identifying the various channels required to effectively convey an accurate message. Panellists gave an insight on how to make sure that resources are being employed efficiently and effectively and looked at how internal coordination helps to make sure that the corporate message is been followed through.

When asked about the implications for EU Trade Associations of the current changes on a European political level, Truus said: “The European Parliament will have more competences after the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty and as the relations with the Parliament are crucial for each association, there will be a change of focus and emphasis in dealing with the European Institutions. The Trade Associations will also have to shift their attention within the European Commission as there will be an exchange of responsibilities between the major Directorate Generals.

Lizanne added:

“These changes are also a great opportunity and Trade Associations need to be aware that there will more competition than ever before to communicate with the new commissioners and the new members of the European Parliament; It is crucial to have clear messages and a strong vision for the EU in 2020. It is essential that the Association’s message reflects its members’ interests and is well communicated. And not to forget that effective liaising with national counterparts will be vital and should be mastered more thoroughly than in the past.“.

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