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European physicians congratulate the Parliament for adopting the Cercas Report


18 Dec 2008


Health & Consumers

CPME representing 2 million physicians, is delighted that the Members of the European Parliament have adopted the Cercas Report on the amendment of Directive 2003/88/EC concerning certain aspects of the organisation of working time.

The European Working Time Directive is the cornerstone of labour protection in the EU. Since there is a very strong link between doctors' and patients' health, CPME welcomes today’s vote. Any amendment to this Directive that would imply a deterioration of the social conditions and discrimination of the medical profession should be rejected.

We therefore congratulate the European Parliament for sharing their position with 2 million physicians[1] and advocating that:

-          There should be a maximum average working week of 48 hours

-          All time spent at the premises of the employer should be counted as working time, as it is already recognised by the European Court of Justice.

CPME celebrates yesterday’s victory and will continue the European movement to improve doctors’ working conditions.  We encourage the Parliament to keep a firm stance on these basic principles towards the Council during the conciliation phase.



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