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European patients need improved access to biosimilar medicines


22 Apr 2021


Health & Consumers

Fifteen years after the first global approval, biosimilar medicines systemically increase access to medicines for patients who need them, while contributing to the sustainability of our healthcare systems.

We are at a unique moment for pharmaceutical policy, given the ongoing pressure from COVID-19 and the upcoming opportunities to build healthcare efficiency presented by the European Commission Pharmaceutical Strategy. 

Biosimilar medicines have always been a strong asset to offer equitable access to treatment for chronic disease patients including those with cancer. Smart policies that expand biosimilar medicines use have led to efficient outcomes for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems. To deliver their full potential, biosimilar medicines need:

  • The right market conditions and incentives
  • A fit-for-purpose regulatory environment, tailored to their specificities
  • To be part of standard patient care.  

Isabell Remus, Chair of the Biosimilar Medicines sector group, commented COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on national health systems in Europe and their recovery will be absolutely crucial for all patients. For 15 years, biosimilar medicines provide an effective solution to balance patient access and healthcare sustainability. There are many more opportunities ahead for biosimilar medicines. Their smart use must be facilitated in practice but also in policies, like recognised in the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy and the EU Beating Cancer Plan.” 


These issues will be discussed in greater detail with experts from the healthcare community during the 2021 Virtual Summit on Biosimilar medicines. A series of live webinars can be attended free of charge, upon registration here.  As part of the summit, the online web platform can be accessed here, with key stakeholder interviews and background documents.