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European Parliament must reduce pesticides’ use to pave the way to sustainable agriculture


21 Nov 2023


Global Europe

Pesticides wreak havoc on the environment; jeopardising pollinators, degrading soils and water, and compromising human health. Recognising the urgency to address this critical issue, the S&D Group advocates for a substantial reduction in pesticide use. Such a shift promises indisputable benefits for the environment, public health, and the overall well-being of farmers, enhancing food security.

Tomorrow marks a pivotal moment as the European Parliament is set to take a stance on the new regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides. This report introduces, for the first time, binding reduction targets. By 2030, a feasible and well-balanced plan to cut all pesticides by half is on the table, with an even more stringent reduction for the most hazardous pesticides. The regulation is carefully crafted to support farmers in this essential transition towards a more eco-friendly agricultural landscape.

Reducing pesticides is a pillar of the Green Deal, which the S&D Group put at the heart of the Commission programme at the beginning of this legislature and is now delivering on. We are committed to protecting the people, the planet, and supporting farmers in the transition.

Marie Arena, S&D negotiator on the pesticides regulation, says:

The European Parliament has the chance to adopt an ambitious law that addresses the looming threat of pesticides in Europe. With their detrimental impact on pollinators, soil and water, coupled with risks to human health, it is imperative that we take action. For the first time, EU law will establish binding reduction targets  setting a new standard for environmental and public health protection.

The new pesticides regulation goes beyond restrictions; it offers substantial support to facilitate our farmers' transition to greener and healthier agriculture. Access to pest control techniques, such as integrated pest management, has shown remarkable success, with conventional farmers reducing pesticide use by up to 80% for some crops without compromising revenue. Additionally, provisions ensure improved accessibility to eco-friendly alternatives, known as biocontrol products, creating a sustainable path forward for European agriculture.

Mohammed Chahim, S&D vice-president on the Green Deal, says:

As we advocate for substantial reduction in pesticide use, we are not only safeguarding the environment and human health but also unlocking the potential for a more robust and sustainable food production system. Studies consistently show that less reliance on pesticides leads to healthier ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and preserving essential pollinators. By embracing this shift towards eco-friendly agriculture, we pave the way for a future where our food is not only safer but also more resilient. The proposed reduction targets in the new regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides are a vital step toward achieving this harmonious balance between agricultural practices and the well-being of our planet.