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European Energy System Integration Strategy identifies System Efficiency as new paradigm


08 Jul 2020



Today, the European Commission presented its Energy System Integration Strategy as part of the European Green Deal. The strategy sets out the core principles, including a more circular energy system that is based on energy efficiency at the systemic level, as well as the electrification of energy demand based on a largely renewables-based power system.

“The Commission’s Strategy has got the priorities right. The Efficiency First Principle is no longer just about energy savings, but about an energy system that makes the best use of available and clean resources,” commented Frauke Thies, Executive Director of smartEn.

“This means bringing renewable electricity into the heating, transport and industry sectors, while making use of these sectors’ demand-side flexibility to ensure resilience and balance supplies,” she continued.


Frauke Thies, Executive Director: | +32 471 263 612
Alicia Medina, Communications and Events: | +32 456 152 310


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