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European Energy Security Strategy: New study highlights role of Gazprom in EU Energy Infrastructure


27 May 2014



With regards to the publication of the European Commission's European Energy Security Strategy on 28 May, Reinhard Bütikofer, industrial policy spokesperson of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, states:

"A study done by the German Institute for Economic Research which I commissioned has for the first time identified Gazprom's ownership of the EU's energy infrastructure.[i] The study shows that the extent of Gazprom's activities could have critical consequences for Europe's energy security and competitiveness. That's why it is necessary that the European Commission undertakes an analysis of this situation from a national security perspective and comes up with appropriate recommendations.

Gazprom's share of Europe's energy infrastructure is so extensive that it holds an increasing potential to disrupt the completion of a common European energy market.

Questions need to be asked regarding Gazprom's growing control over critical gas infrastructure in the EU. Alongside its antitrust proceeding against Gazprom, the European Commission must take national security considerations into account. In this vein, the European Commission should review its rules regarding the acquisition of strategic European infrastructure by non-EU entities. For the development of a European Energy Union, such a security policy evaluation with regards to energy dependence in the infrastructure sector will be crucial."