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European Copper Institute turns its spotlight on contemporary design


06 Oct 2009


Climate & Environment

Copper has designs on the Internet

Brussels, October 6th 2009 – In its second new Internet initiative in four weeks, The European Copper
Institute (ECI) has launched a showcase and meeting space for contemporary designers and their followers.

Quite simply, is dedicated to copper design. This international platform provides a
comprehensive source of information on working with the red metal, including copper creations, first-hand accounts from designers, exhibitions and competitions. The site is intended for creators, design professionals, journalists and all design-loving netsurfers, offering them a chance to rediscover a material whose natural properties and beauty have firmly established it on the design scene over the past few years.

An international platform dedicated to copper design
Following the success of the competition “Il rame e la casa” ("Copper and the home") and the biennial Abitare
con il Rame (“Living with copper”) in Milan, this resource site is the latest action in a comprehensive project to
promote copper design carried out in partnership with the IIR (Italian Copper Institute). is a stylish and innovative space for manufacturers, artists, design students, journalists
and all those who love modern design. The new site invites designers and design fans to explore the very special
beauty of the red metal. Its aim is to stimulate the growing interest in the aesthetic potential of a metal whose technical merits already make it an essential feature of our lives.

Five sections feature all kinds of information about copper in today's design The "Applications" section presents numerous examples of creations and objects in copper for inside and outside the home. In the "Designer" space, artists and professionals talk about their experiences and creative approaches. The site also describes the properties of copper that make it a prime choice for designers. The
"News" section provides information on events, including exhibitions, conferences, seminars and design competitions. Online subscription for a free monthly newsletter rewards visitors with regular information about all these important occasions. Finally, a space dedicated to the international media provides journalists with a regularly updated database containing press releases and kits, together with downloadable high-definition visuals.

The red metal has the wind in its sails today. The competitions have shown that it attracts today’s most daring and innovative designers, decorators and architects. It is almost unmatchable for its versatility and aesthetic
potential. Copper is malleable, ductile and extraordinarily enduring, offering an enormous range of possibilities.
It is also highly appealing for its wide range of colours, including orange-red, chocolate brown and almond
green: its alloys, bronze and brass, offer further possibilities.

There is a sense of responsibility and tradition about working with copper. Its strong identity and unique
appearance steep the most avant-garde objects in a tradition going back several thousand years. As it is
naturally resistant to bacteria, extremely long-lasting and 100% recyclable, copper is also a favourite with artists who are sensitive to the environment and sustainable practices.

A few examples of copper designs…… which you can find on!

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