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The Europe we need! Progressive leaders will discuss with citizens of Ljubljana on the future of the EU


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The progressive leaders will meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the frame of our #EuropeTogether initiative, to discuss with citizens a progressive vision for the future of Europe. On Thursday 28 February, European Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans will join S&D Group vice-president Tanja Fajon, S&D MEPs Biljana Borzan and Isabella de Monte and many others in Congress square to talk and debate the challenges Europe is facing. The full programme is available here.
Already tonight, on Wednesday 27 February, we will start with a #GoLocal event ‘For Europe without fascism’ to discuss with young people the increasing spread of the politics of fear.
S&D vice-president and a head of the Slovenian delegation Tanja Fajon said:
“I am very proud to host the Together event under the title ‘The Europe need’ in my hometown Ljubljana, in the heart of Slovenia. Together with European Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans, we will be discussing with Slovenians which direction Europe should take. We want to have an open dialogue with citizens on their take of our common European future and we are ready to listen to frank and constructive comments.
“Almost fifteen years after Slovenia joined the European Union, Slovenian Socialists and democrats’ vision is clear: the Europe we want is fair and sustainable, prosperous and modern, based on solidarity and rule of law. Either we will have a Union tailored by wishes of our citizens, or there will be no Union.
“I am also particularly concerned about the return of the nationalistic and even fascist rhetoric in our Union, and our Go Local event will be an occasion to discuss how to fight it.”