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Europe needs more transparency and choice in its energy market


21 Sep 2010



Adina Valean (PNL, Romania), ALDE spokesperson on energy security in the European Union spoke up for transparency, choice and competition in Europe's still protected energy market in order to improve the security of supply and minimise risk linked to dependence on external suppliers.

"Every winter reminds us of Europe´s dependency on gas supply on Russia, Ukraine and others. Security of energy supply has become a priority for the EU. The proposal for legislation to safeguard the security of gas supply is a positive step towards reducing Europe´s vulnerability and reassuring our citizens, keeping prices affordable, and strengthening solidarity between Member States."

"But we still need to continue diversifying energy routes and supply sources to facilitate competition, access and choice."

"Security of energy supply has a different meaning when you are Romanian, Dutch, or Finnish. Our various geopolitical situations require a European approach. And a European approach requires a full completion of the energy market."

"Many protectionist barriers remain within the EU and they are harming the market and therefore harming consumers, keeping prices up and undermining our security of supply."

"It is time to ask for more transparency, accountability and democracy in the way our Member States deal with energy policy."

Note to editors:

Following the unprecedented gas crisis on January 2009, it was considered necessary to replace the existing security of supply Directive from 2004, with a much more exhaustive regulation, proposal presented by Commission in July 2009.
The Regulation sets the responsibility of ensuring the security of gas supply jointly upon undertakings, competent authorities of Member States, Commission and industrial gas customers. It obliges Member States to adopt and regularly update Preventive Action Plans and Emergency Plans on the basis of risk assessments reviewed regularly.
The Regulation sets three main crisis levels (Early Warning - concrete information that a disruption may occur; Alert - a disruption or exceptional high demand has occurred, but market-based measures are sufficient; and Emergency level - all adequate market based measures have been implemented but they are not able to fulfil gas demand).

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