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Europe must fight against populism, nationalism and disintegration


03 Feb 2016


Regional Policy

"The European Council should put the subject of its own future on the agenda", said Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, during today's debate on the Council meeting in two weeks. The Council has to look at the responsibilities that lie ahead of it. Numerous conflicting views have been presented on the internal market, the creation of jobs, the Schengen area, the Euro and the reunification of Europe. "We have to fight populism and the Council has to be at the forefront of this battle", underlined Manfred Weber.

The leaders, who will meet in Brussels, have to address all these key issues in order to properly respond to them. "On Euro stability and reforms we have populists and nationalists who want fragmentation, for example in Portugal and Spain. All European politicians should stick together in order to have a proper common European future."

As regards the EU-UK negotiations, Weber said that the aim is clear: "We want the UK to stay on board and to convince the British people to stay in the European family. David Cameron fought hard for his proposals. We want a better Europe for all."

He continued: "What is at the core of the British issue? The challenge for Britons is whether in times of globalisation it is better to be alone rather than a member of a family. Is it better to be alone in times of Putin's imperialism, is it better to negotiate alone on an agreement on TTIP? Is it better for the City of London to be outside of Europe? These questions should be answered by the people and I think we can convince them. You're a better patriot when you fight for your country within the European Union", concluded Weber.