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Europe finds compromise on practical solutions: S&Ds push to #RelaunchEU and connect with citizens


06 Jul 2016


Science & Policymaking

During these difficult times, thanks to the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the EU now has a concrete work plan for the months ahead. The S&D Group has been the leading force in putting together a pro-European majority behind a resolution on the ‘Commission Work Programme’ for 2017, debated and adopted by the EP today.  At a time when many people are disillusioned with Europe and big political divisions exist between member states, the Parliament’s resolution lays down a clear set of priorities and practical solutions to shared challenges. These now need to be put into practice. S&Ds want to relaunch the EU as a project which offers clear benefits and improved life prospects to all European citizens.

Commenting on the resolution, the two S&D spokespersons, Maria João Rodrigues and Enrique Guerrero Salom, said:

“The latest developments show it very clearly - we cannot continue with business as usual. We must stand up for a better Europe and need to define a clear agenda to relaunch the EU.
“With this practical roadmap we show what EU institutions should do to improve Europeans’ living and working conditions, strengthen the economic recovery, improve security, manage the migration challenge, protect the environment and make Europe a real global player.
“What is at stake is the open and tolerant model of our societies. It’s about keeping cooperation based on the solidarity of working together in the EU. Socialists and Democrats will not give up on fighting against those who want to break all that is good in Europe.
“We fight for a fair economy where everyone has decent chances. We fight for social and environmental standards; but these fights have to be won at European and global level. No country can defend itself alone in global competition, just as no country can be secure from terrorism by building fences at national borders.
“Keeping Europe together is hard. Tough compromises are needed, but the Parliament has shown that Europeans can unite together and jointly work out a concrete plan.
“We say it loud and clear - this is no time to attack the EU institutions or to turn Europe into a battlefield of national political leaders. Some conservative forces, for instance in Germany, want to weaken the EU, blame Brussels for all failings and take control of Europe by playing countries against each other.
“We are working for the average European. It is clear to us that our countries depend on each other - we will flourish together or decline together. Therefore, we must find practical solutions to common problems. Democracy works. We need to talk to each other and to the rest of the world in order to build a better future for all.
“We now expect national leaders to follow our example and support our compromises. We also encourage the European Commission to remain active in helping to keep Europe strong and united.”
To read the full text of the declaration, please see here.