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Eurociett unveils 10 recommendations to unlock the contribution of the agency work industry to reach the Europe 2020 employment targets


23 Jun 2010


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Brussels, 23 June 2010 - The deficiencies of the European Labour markets must be addressed urgently if the European economy is to grow in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy, claims Eurociett, the voice of the Agency Work Industry in Europe.

Announcing 10 key recommendations to meet the Europe 2020 employment targets, Eurociett is calling for action in three key areas: implementing effective labour markets policies in cooperation with the Agency Work Industry; shaping a balanced regulatory environment for the sector and developing a shared commitment for inclusive growth.   

“The European labour markets are not functioning as well as they should and the Lisbon 2010 employment targets have not been met” said Annemarie Muntz, Eurociett President. “In addition, during the recent economic crisis, the countries that have fared the worst are those which have which have not yet reformed their labour market, embraced flexicurity and modern labour relations.”

“The agency work industry can make a positive contribution to the labour markets’ better functioning: it helps people from diverse backgrounds to enter the labour market, enhances skills and facilitates the creation of jobs that otherwise would not exist,” continues Muntz.  “It employs more than 3 million workers on a daily basis (full time equivalent) and more than 10 million on a yearly basis and drives growth and competitiveness which are key elements of the Europe 2020 strategy.”

The recommendations call for:

Implementing effective labour markets policies in cooperation with the agency work industry

1.       Support for the role of the Agency Work industry in increasing labour markets participation – particularly for youth and long-term unemployed;

2.       Securing flexibility that will lead to job creation and economic growth;

3.       Ensuring a better match between supply with demand for skills;

4.       Taking advantage of the role of the agency work industry in promoting work mobility and securing transitions for inclusive growth

Shaping a balanced regulatory environment for the agency work industry

5.       Recognising temporary work as the most secure form of external flexible employment;

6.       Establishing a level playing field for temporary work agencies and ensuring that  the organisation underlined the need for better performing labour markets;

7.       Lift existing, unjustified restrictions to the use of temporary agency work to boost job creation and enhance company competitiveness;

8.       Organise work mobility in a more secure way by facilitating intra-EU cross-border activities of temporary work agencies;

Developing a shared commitment for inclusive growth

9.       Promote and support public-private partnerships in terms of employment services in order to fight unemployment and promote inclusive labour markets;

10.   Advance the sectoral social dialogue on temporary agency work in accordance with national law and practice.

“Now more than ever Europe must ensure that its labour markets function effectively and enable the Europe 2020 Strategy to deliver positive results that benefit companies, workers and governments.  The Agency Work industry is committed to increasing participation, mobility and facilitating transitions in the labour market while playing its part in providing the training, knowledge and expertise that is needed to help Europe to get there.” concludes Muntz.

The full Eurociett Manifesto is available at

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As the European confederation of private employment agencies, Eurociett is the authoritative voice representing the common interests of the agency work industry in Europe. Bringing together 27 national federations and six of the largest multinational staffing companies as well as tens of thousands of SMEs, Eurociett accounts for more than 90% of the organised agency work sector in Europe. More info at

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