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EUROBAT welcomes “Fit for 55” package and calls on EU policy-‎makers to work with industry to achieve emissions targets


14 Jul 2021



EUROBAT – the association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers – welcomes the EU’s “Fit for 55” package published today as an important milestone on the path to net-zero emissions, and calls on the EU to work together with industry to develop a favourable environment for the EU to deliver jobs, growth and ‎innovation in a decarbonised economy‎.

The new package seeks to strengthen the EU’s climate and environmental policy architecture and establish a coherent ‎framework that will ‎support the revised emissions reduction target of 55% by 2030, with potentially significant legislation for the battery industry:

  • Renewable Energy Directive: We welcome the ambition of the revised Renewable Energy Directive to increase the use of renewable in the energy system. Batteries will be fundamental to achieve this objective: batteries can store renewable energy and release it when needed, and provide fundamental balancing services to stabilise the electricity grid.
  • CO2 Emissions Performance Standards for Cars and Vans Regulation: CO2 emissions performance standards have been instrumental in decreasing the emissions of cars and vans. The new targets are extremely ambitious, and again batteries will play a key role in decreasing emissions of vehicles at different electrification levels, from mild-hybrid to full electric cars.
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM): A reduction in the carbon footprint of products is a fundamental objective of the Green Deal. In this sense, EUROBAT supports the proposal on carbon footprint included in the draft Batteries Regulation. We understand that this might also be the blueprint for similar provisions to be included in the Sustainable Products Initiative. The CBAM can be instrumental in ensuring a level playing field internationally, and for this reason we call for a coherent approach to carbon footprint across the CBAM, Sustainable Products Initiative and Batteries Regulation.

Rene Schroeder, Executive-Director EUROBAT said: “All battery technologies have a critical role to play if the EU is going to meet its 2030 and 2050 emissions reduction targets and deliver decarbonisation across the economy. We look forward as an industry to working together with policy-makers to ensure that this package of legislation, alongside the new Batteries Regulation, provides the European battery industry with the strong legislative foundations it needs to help the EU deliver on its promise of a carbon neutral society by 2050.

Read more about the "Fit for 55" package here.
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