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Euro: political will is back. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group


16 Nov 2011


Euro & Finance

"Creating a currency without giving it the necessary governance was a political error. We must admit this and, above all, correct it" - Joseph Daul in the debate on economic governance with Presidents Barroso, Juncker and Van Rompuy.

For the Chairman of the EPP Group, the economic and financial crisis has changed the rules of the game. "We are witnessing impressive changes: changes in Greece and Italy, with the formation of national unity governments, which I welcome; changes in Germany with the extraordinary pro-European position of the CDU, with which I firmly agree."

All the influential players in the EU acknowledge it: the answer to our problems is not less, but more Europe. A Europe which has to be transformed, in the sense of integration, as we should have done when the Euro was created."

The Chairman of the biggest Group in the European Parliament highlighted how important it is that the management of the crisis doesn't become a source of new divisions in Europe

"Of course, when the house is burning, the firemen get to work. And we never criticise the firemen! But we must be careful not to create different players in the Euro+ zone, to not exclude the countries who are warming up to come on to the field. Do not exclude them from the strategic decisions taken in the locker room!"

Similarly, Joseph Daul reaffirmed the supremacy of the Community method. "As much as the Franco-German partnership is essential for Europe, I still call on all Member States to contribute constructively to this cause instead of complaining about the Paris/Berlin initiatives."

On the revision of the European Treaties, Joseph Daul said: "My Group is open to this process provided that it is subject to an open, democratic debate in the framework of a Convention."

"But", he warned, "we must not be tempted to go back to dedicating all our debates to technicalities, to the mechanisms, to the detriment of our political objectives. Let's not lose sight of what is urgent - realistic economic governance - and what is not."

"Lots has to be done and can be done quickly if we have the political will. And I believe that political will is back in Europe", concluded Joseph Daul.

Joseph Daul's speech in plenary

(Translation from the original French)

For further information:

Joseph DAUL MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, Tel: +33-3-88175525

Antoine Ripoll, Chairman's Spokesman, Tel: +32-475-856290

Notes to Editors:

The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 264 Members.