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EurActiv deepens coverage of Turkey’s integration:


18 Feb 2010



 EurActiv strengthens further the in-depth coverage of the EU enlargement policy in 2010


EurActiv, the independent media portal specialised in EU policies, will be increasing in-depth coverage of EU Enlargement issues. This is thanks to support from the Turkish Industrialists` and Businessmen`s Association (TUSIAD).
The coverage can be found here: (EN)  (DE)  (FR)

EurActiv’s CrossLingual network of localised media will join the Brussels coverage from the 3 capitals in Germany, France and Turkey where EurActiv editors are in a unique position to provide balanced news coverage from the local, regional and national level.
You can find their sections in their respective language here:

Members of the EurActiv Network have also launched or revamped their own enlargement policy sections:
Czech Republic

TUSIAD`s Deputy Secretary General Hale Hatipoglu said: "TUSIAD is glad to support EurActiv's leading role for the rational and resourceful communication of the European issues through internet and open debates."

EurActiv Publisher Christophe Leclercq said:  “We at EurActiv are committed to encouraging debate on Enlargement issues, Turkey plays an important role in this process. We are delighted to dedicate more time and space to covering these issues for readers across the Union. We are able to do so thanks to the support of TUSIAD on one hand and DG ENLARGEMENT on the other hand.”

The Enlargement sections on all 10 EurActiv Network partner portals have been supported by the European Commission`s DG Enlargement since September 2009.

Conferences organized by TUSIAD have long ago been a source of information and a valuable insight in the changing state of mind of main protagonists in the intricate EU-Turkey relations.
To complement the new section, is publishing a free weekly newsletter on Enlargement. You can subscribe  here.

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Frédéric Simon, Editor -- Tel. +32 2 788 36 78,

Rick Zedník, CEO – Tel. +32 2 226 58 12,

Ross Melzer, Public Affairs Director – Tel. +32 2 226 58 17,

Christophe Leclercq, Publisher, Tel. +32 2 226 58 13,