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EUCO: EU must stop turning a blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria


19 Oct 2016


Global Europe

"Please show that the EU is capable of acting," said EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, in a call to EU Heads of State and Government ahead of the European Summit on 20-21 October. 

On Russia, he added: "The European Union needs to speak with one clear voice and firmly condemn the bombing of civilians in Syria. Europe cannot turn a blind eye to the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria any longer. The possibility of new sanctions against Russia and its leadership should be on the table. Moreover, in our view, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline cannot be built as long as President Putin is shelling civilians."

"A failure to ratify the CETA trade agreement with a partner as strong as Canada, as democratic, would be a very negative message to send to the rest of the world. It would signal that Europe is closing in on itself and does not want to play a key role in the world economy anymore. All Member States should take their responsibility. We are calling them on to stop playing with people's fears and to act."