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EU.BAC releases checklist to access bacs compliance with EPBD requirements


02 Nov 2020



To support Member States implementing the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), eu.bac has created a compliance checklist for Building Automation and Control System (BACS) requirements related to the mandatory capabilities listed in Art.14 and Art.15. The amending Directive 2018/844 had the transposition deadline in March 2020. Nevertheless, several countries are still struggling to effectively integrate BACS requirements into their national legislation. The checklist provides a necessary reference list for Member States and other stakeholders to ensure the requirements set out in the Directive are followed.

eu.bac has shown its commitment to supporting stakeholders at all levels by providing constructive feedback and assistance in the process of reviewing legislation and facilitating its implementation. The Waide study has helped national policymakers understand the benefits and relevance of the building automation and control system use as foreseen in the revised EPBD. The eu.bac Guidelines on the transposition of the Revised EPBD provide technical advice to all stakeholders involved in the transposition process.

This checklist is the next step in this commitment, offering a highly detailed tool for national compliance inspectors, building owners, BACS designers and policymakers. It helps industry professionals understand what systems need to be implemented, and helps authorities distinguish buildings that comply with EPBD BACS requirements from those that don't.

The EU continues to increase its climate ambitions, most recently by confirming a target of 55% emissions reduction by 2030. eu.bac welcomes this commitment and pledges to contribute towards achieving these objectives. However, for these ambitions to become reality, Member States need to meet the requirements in existing legislation. As such, eu.bac stresses the need to commit to the implementation of the EPBD Directive and to enforce BACS measures. As demonstrated by the Waide study this could lead to savings corresponding to 14% of the total building energy consumption, with 64 Mt CO2 annual savings and €36 billion energy bill savings. eu.bac continues to provide guidance and support to all stakeholders in this effort.

To learn in more detail about the potential energy savings from the use of building automation and control systems take a look at the Waide study here. To find technical advice on the transposition of the Revised EPBD see eu.bac Guidelines here.

The Introductory notes

The Compliance verification checklist 

The Compliance self-declaration

eu.bac Guidelines for the transposition of EPBD



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