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EU urged to play active role in Sudan's peace process to counter dangerous foreign interference, say S&Ds


09 May 2023


Development Policy

During the debate in the plenary of the European Parliament, the S&D Group underlined the need for a coordinated humanitarian response to help those already in need and to prevent the conflict from spreading over into neighbouring countries. We will call on European authorities and leaders to do their utmost to push both parties in conflict towards an immediate unconditional ceasefire and for peace talks to start in this geopolitically crucial country. A chain reaction in the Sahel region must be avoided at all costs.

S&D coordinator of the EU-African, Caribbean and Pacific countries assembly, Hannes Heide, said:

“Sudan needs everything but another war. Both parties involved should respect the ceasefire and immediately stop violence as a precondition to kick off real negotiations.

“This should be – for the EU – the natural ground to play an active role in peacebuilding, while also preventing other international players from infiltrating the country and running another proxy war. If the EU misses the opportunity to play an active role in the solution of the crisis, other dangerous actors – like the Wagner group – could do so, replicating what we are already experiencing in the Sahel region.

“The UN Refugee Agency has calculated that more than 800,000 people have fled the country, whereas the internal displaced persons are roughly 334,000. The EU should do its utmost to ensure humanitarian access and prevent further suffering for the population across and beyond the country.”