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EU must involve UN General Assembly and push for peace talks


30 Aug 2013


Justice & Home Affairs

Commenting on the debate on possible responses following the use of chemical weapons near Damascus and the search for possible solutions to the Syria conflict, Green foreign policy co-spokespersons Franziska Brantner and Ulrike Lunacek stated:

“The use of chemical weapons represents a shocking breach of international law that must not go unanswered. While urgent action is now required by the international community, no decision should be made before the findings of the UN expert mission are available.

"Any international response must take place within the multilateral framework. Last night's meeting of the UN Security Council suggests it will not fulfil its mandate of maintaining world peace, notably due to Russia's obstructionism. Against this background, the EU should push for the United Nations General Assembly to address the conflict as a matter of urgency. The General Assembly should consider and decide on possible international reactions to the use of chemical weapons, as well as possible ways out of this brutal war, which has already claimed more than 100,000 lives.

“Continuing to work towards a regional peace conference in Geneva is now more important than ever and the EU must prioritise this. The EU should continue to support the ‘Geneva II process’ and put pressure on all parties in the conflict to participate in the talks.

"The EU must also live up to its humanitarian responsibility and grant protection to more Syrian refugees. To this end, the European Commission and Council should ensure EU legislation on granting protection and humane reception in cases of mass displacement of refugees is activated without delay.”

Richard More O'Ferrall,
Press and media officer,
Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament
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