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The EU must focus on building a sustainable future for Greece, says Udo Bullmann


Sustainable Dev.
Ahead of today's Eurogroup meeting, S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann calls on the Eurozone finance ministers to move talks on the Greek programme to the next stage and to start focussing on building a sustainable future for the country.
Udo Bullmann said:
“Greece has made huge efforts to implement the reforms required by its creditors. Putting the future development of the Greek society and economy on a sustainable footing must now become the key concern of discussions in the Eurogroup. This is the only way to allow the country to continue its recovery and to turn the third adjustment programme into a lasting success. The Greek authorities and their European partners bear a joint responsibility for this.
"To allow Greece to successfully exit from its programme, all parties involved need to honour their commitments. This includes the agreements on debt relief that the Eurogroup had entered in May 2016. The mechanisms defined by the Eurogroup are smart and means-tested. Both Greece and its Eurozone partners have an interest in their full and swift implementation in order to unleash their potential for securing a bright future for Greeks and stability in the monetary union.


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