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"The EU must become more active in the Indo-Pacific region"


13 Sep 2021


Global Europe

Brussels/Frankfurt, 13 September 2021 – Commenting on the upcoming adoption of an EU strategy on the Indo-Pacific, Ulrich Ackermann, Head of the Foreign Trade Department at VDMA, says:

"The EU must become more active in the Indo-Pacific region, which stretches from the east coast of Africa to the Pacific island states. On the one hand, it is a matter of showing the states in the region that, from a European perspective, the Indo-Pacific consists of more economic areas than just China. On the other hand, the EU's activities must counterbalance the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP), through which China will expand its influence in the region.

Therefore, FTA negotiations with India should be resumed as soon as possible, the already advanced negotiations with countries in the region - notably New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia - should be concluded as soon as possible. Europe must also provide a robust response to China's New Silk Road initiative. All this should be an imperative part of the EU's Indo-Pacific strategy."



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