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EU Finance Ministers meet to set direction for post COVID-19 recovery plan


07 Apr 2020



The Finance Minister of the of the Eurozone are meeting today in an exceptional set up with their colleagues from the 8 remaining Member States. The meeting is dedicated to prepare for the next European Council an overview of recovery measures that could be implemented. The plan should complement the existing measures that deal with the effects of theCOVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID-19: 1 essential goal, 4 priorities to achieve it

As the Eurogroup explores several options, Ceemet, Europe’s tech & industry employers’ organisation, recommends to focus on the essential goal: ensuring the existence of people and companies.

From a pure industry perspective Ceemet suggests to ensure the following: 

  1. Liquidity through unbureaucratic and swift financial lifelines, including cash.
  2. Mobility of workers and supply of goods.
  3. A regular tying-up with national governments and the top level of the EU institutions.
  4. A thorough preparation of a well-coordinated and targeted recovery plan for European industry avoiding a stretched U-shaped recovery of industry and thus entire economies.

Diverse situations at national level, but similar on EU-level

The situation of the countries hardest hit by this exceptional crisis deserves to be taken into account in the discussions. And although comparable, the situation is different across Europe and between sectors. Ceemet and its members have collected information on the measures taken by European Institutions, national governments and providing advice to employers.

This information is publicly available on:



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