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The EU changed, the European manufacturing sector didn’t


03 Feb 2020



Representing the European Tech & Industry Employers, Ceemet has campaigned over many years to ensure, in so far as possible, a smooth and orderly Brexit. Ceemet will continue campaigning to ensure that the future relationship includes the crucial elements necessary for the Metal, Engineering and Tech-based industries.

These are issues such as the maintaining of free and frictionless trade, the free movement of people and a single regulatory environment for EU manufacturers. The economic relations between the EU and the UK must be maintained as possible in order to safeguard Europe’s industrial competitiveness.

With a view to the upcoming negotiations, policy makers on both sides of the channel must redouble their efforts to ensure an appropriate solution is found for both sides. Manufacturing industry advocates since a long time for a smooth transition to the future relationship as both parties must be mindful of the time manufacturers will need to adjust and due consideration must be given for an implementation period following this year’s negotiations.

Stability and certainty are needed in both the EU and the UK for our continued investment and trade. The UK will be leaving the EU, however there is an interest on all sides that the future relationship is realistic while ambitious and built on the common ground which we developed while ensuring the Single Market thrives.

There is no separate EU-27 and UK manufacturing sectors, only one European manufacturing sector.


About Ceemet

  • Ceemet represents the metal, engineering and technology-based industry employers in Europe, covering sectors such as metal goods, mechanical engineering, electronics, ICT, vehicle and transport manufacturing.
  • Member organisations represent 200,000 companies in Europe, providing over 17 million direct and 35 million indirect jobs.
  • Ceemet is a recognised European social partner at the industrial sector level, promoting global competitiveness for European industry through consultation and social dialogue.

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