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The EU cannot neglect its moral and legal obligations to the poorest


22 Sep 2010

Gabi Zimmer on the Millennium Development Goals summit:


Speaking from New York today at the UN Millennium Development Goals summit, GUE/NGL MEP Gabi Zimmer welcomed the French proposal to use revenue from the taxation of international financial transactions for the realisation of development objectives.


"That was always the aim of the so-called Tobin Tax that we have been demanding for a long time. We welcome such proposals and so should all leaders of the developed countries".


"The Millennium Development Goals are regarded as minimum targets to tackle the most glaring problems in developing countries. In particular, the fight against hunger, malnutrition and extreme poverty has been conducted only half-heartedly. The number of hungry people has increased in recent years by over a billion people. As a target, however it was agreed to reduce the number by half by 2015."


Strasbourg, 22 September 2010




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