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EU Budget: 2015 surplus should go to refugee Trust Funds


15 Jun 2016


Euro & Finance
Justice & Home Affairs

The Budgets Committee will vote today on the Draft Amending Budget 2 (DAB 2/2016) which reduces Member States' contributions to the 2016 EU budget thanks to a €1.3 billion surplus from 2015.

The EPP Group Rapporteur, José Manuel Fernandes MEP, said: “Member States must use the opportunity of this reflow to honour their pledges in relation to the refugee crisis and to match the Union's contribution to the two dedicated Union Trust Funds.”

Member States’ contributions to the Trust Funds are short by over €2.1 billion

José Manuel Fernandes MEP

In September 2015, Member States promised to contribute the same amount as the EU to the two EU Trust Funds. The EU kept its word and contributed the expected €1.8 billion to the Africa Trust Fund and more than €500 million to the Madad Trust Fund. Member States pledged to do the same, however, so far, they have only contributed €82 million to the Africa Trust Fund and €69 million to the Madad Trust Fund on the Syrian crisis.

“Member States’ contributions to the Trust Funds are short by over €2.1 billion. If Member States used the €1.3 billion surplus from 2015 to strengthen the Trust Funds, it would send out a much-needed signal that we are united and committed to finding a solution to a crisis that affects us all”, concluded Fernandes.


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