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EU Black Sea Strategy approved by Parliament and supported by the European Commission. Traian Ungureanu MEP


21 Jan 2011



Traian Ungureanu's Report 'An EU Strategy for the Black Sea' was approved yesterday with an overwhelming majority in the European Parliament's plenary. In the debate that preceded the vote, the Report was carried by a large majority of all political groups. The European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy expressed his commitment to follow Traian Ungureanu's recommendations and to develop an EU Strategy for the Black Sea Region.

The Report insists on a committed and consistent funding of EU action in the area by creating a separate budget line, and it focuses on two key areas: security and energy.

The European Parliament's concerns on the agreement to extend the stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol should also be mentioned, particularly as there were 331 votes 'in favour' of this reference.

"Today's vote shows the unequivocal support of the Parliament and European Commission for this Report, and a radical change of Brussels' perception of the Black Sea. The EU fully recognises the vital strategic importance of the Black Sea area. This process began in 2007 when the Black Sea Synergy, developed by Roberta Anastase, was adopted. The process can now be completed with the adoption of a Strategy. This EU Strategy sets ambitious conditions for a European policy in this area. I am deeply satisfied with the approval manifested by most of my colleagues regardless of political affiliation", said Rapporteur Traian Ungureanu.

"I welcome in particular the support for recommendations that point to the urgent issues in the region, namely: frozen conflicts, the issue of closed borders, the stationing of the Russian Black Sea fleet in Crimea and ensuring EU energy security."

Black Sea Strategy: Wide support for fully-fledged EU strategy in the region.

(Translation from the original Romanian)

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