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ESMIG addresses data privacy issues of Smart Metering at high-level dinner debate

Brussels – 19 June 2013 – ESMIG, the European Smart Metering Industry Group, presented its position and views on the data privacy issues associated with increasing deployment of Smart Metering technologies across Europe at a dinner-debate coorganised with the European Energy Forum, which was held at the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday 18 June 2013.
Frank Hyldmar, President of ESMIG addressed the subject “Smart Meters & Consumer: what happens to my data?”

The dinner debate provided a platform allowing an exchange of views on the challenges experienced and the industry perspectives regarding Smart Meter-related privacy and data protection issues. Smart Meter policy makers and industry representatives shared their views on how data protection is paramount for the further development of services and solutions that fit consumer needs.

Hyldmar commented, “At the mid-point of 2013, many countries have implemented or are ready to implement a legal framework for the roll-out. At the same time, the security and privacy topic continues to generate public interest with different dynamics emerging in individual EU member states.”

In addition to informing the debate participants as to the mechanics of how Smart Metering systems function, Hyldmar also explained the security measures that the Smart Metering industry already has in place. Additionally, he described the active and positive contribution ESMIG is making in various European forums, such as the smart meters coordination group and the expert group 2 of the smart grids task force.

Hyldmar also explained the difference between private and technical data and how the latter is needed to obtain the full systemic benefits of Smart Metering in the energy supply system. ESMIG is discussing a range of measures and improving reliability of future roll-out plans by unifying the messaging between industry stakeholders and consumers.

ESMIG understands that public acceptance is crucial to any successful Smart Meter roll-out, and thusly takes the issue of security and privacy very seriously, and has been working constructively at the European level to lend its expertise and address any concerns in the public debate on the subject.

Notes for editors

The European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG) is the European industry association that provides knowledge and expertise on Smart Metering and
related communications at a European level. ESMIG's members are the leading companies in the European Smart Metering Market: meter manufacturers, IT
companies, communications product and service providers, home energy management product and service providers and system integrators. ESMIG covers all
aspects of Smart Metering and related services, including electricity, gas, water and heat measurement. By giving support to European Union institutions,
member states and standardisation organisations, the industry group aims to assist in the development of national and European-wide introduction, roll-out
and management of Smart Metering and related solutions.

ESMIG is an Official Associate of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign:

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