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EPP Group to lead Panama Inquiry Committee


12 Jul 2016


Euro & Finance

Werner Langen MEP elected chair, Dariusz Rosati MEP elected EPP Group Spokesman in newly set-up committee

The newly set-up European parliamentary Inquiry Committee which will look into the so-called Panama Papers started its work today by electing its Chairman. The EPP Group's Werner Langen MEP will chair the investigation into whether or not EU law has been infringed and what legislative changes are necessary to tackle the problems uncovered.

Former Polish Foreign Minister and Professor of economics Dariusz Rosati MEP was elected EPP Group Spokesman in the committee which has 65 members. "We want the work of the Panama Committee to be fruitful and not driven by populist demand. We want an honest inquiry which would make recommendations for further legislation in the EU and promote our standards at international level. We plan to invite the law firm Mossack Fonseca and representatives of the Panama government to testify in the committee", Rosati said after today's meeting. The EPP Group's Deputy Spokesman will be Markus Ferber MEP.

In the coming weeks, the committee will agree on the details of its working programme.

Full list of members of Panama Inquiry Committee.


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