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EPP Group helps job seekers find jobs in other EU countries


25 Feb 2016


Social Europe & Jobs

European Parliament stresses non-discrimination of workers in other EU countries

While some EU countries want to limit the access of EU citizens to their social systems, the European Parliament will vote today on the facilitation of the free movement of workers. A new law will set up a new EU-wide database into which employment services feed job vacancies and job seekers' CVs to make it easier to find a job in other EU countries.

"We want to fight unemployment by helping job seekers to take full advantage of the European internal market. There are more than 2 million vacant positions within the EU and at the same time, a high number of unemployed people in some regions in Europe. This is why we must bring job seekers from one country to the vacant posts in other countries", explained Heinz K Becker MEP, who is responsible for the Parliament on the new law.

If a job seeker does not find a job at home, then it is legitimate to offer them a post in Hamburg or London

Heinz K Becker MEP

"The free movement of workers is an excellent thing. It must by no means be limited, but must be made easier", Becker stressed. The text of the law points out that "there should be no discrimination based on grounds such as nationality" when giving EU citizens access to other countries' job markets. Today's decision strengthens the European network of Employment Services (EURES) and has already been agreed with Member States, including Britain.

"If a well-trained job seeker does not find a job at home, whether it be rural Austria or a remote region in Poland, then it is possible and legitimate to offer him or her a vacant post in Hamburg or London", Becker said.

"With the EU-wide network of labour market services, EURES, we are taking a crucial step forward in promoting mobility and fighting unemployment in the EU. EURES can offer an enormous pool of employees for Europe's enterprises", Becker stressed.


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