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EP supports continuing to fund research into dead-end technology of nuclear energy


17 Nov 2011



The European Parliament today adopted a report outlining its opinion on planned EU nuclear research for the next two years 2012-13. The Greens believe the EU nuclear research programme should be limited to radioprotection (people and environment), decommissioning of nuclear installations and non-proliferation. The Greens also oppose spending more public money on research into nuclear fission and the ITER nuclear fusion project. Commenting on the vote and the proposals, Green nuclear spokesperson Michèle Rivasi said:

“Nuclear energy is a dead-end technology, which the majority of EU citizens do not want, and the EU should not be spending public money on research into further developing nuclear power. The proportion of EU funds allocated to nuclear energy is far too high vis-à-vis safe and sustainable renewable energy and energy efficiency, all the more so as Europe starts to move away from nuclear power. The Greens regret that the pro-nuclear majority in the EP fails to reflect the will of the majority of EU citizens. The Greens believe EU nuclear research should focus solely on decommissioning, non-proliferation issues and addressing the public risks of radioactivity.


“The Greens also believe the ballooning funding requirements for the ITER nuclear fusion project should be clearly excluded from the EU budget. EU governments should not contribute a further cent in public funding to the runaway budget of this project. With construction of the reactor yet to begin, it would be far more prudent for governments to give up on this white elephant now.”

Richard More O'Ferrall,

Press and media officer,

Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament

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