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07 Oct 2009


Climate & Environment

• With an installed capacity of 21 MW, the Kamen Briag wind farm will be able to generate over 56 million kWh, thus meeting the energy needs of 19,000 households and avoiding the emission of 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

• In 2009, the Enel Group renewables’ company expects to bring into
operation an additional 21 MW wind capacity at the Shabla plant,
currently under construction.
Sofia, October 6th, 2009 – Today, Enel Green Power, the Enel Group company fully dedicated to developing and managing power generation from renewable sources,
commenced operation of its first wind farm in Bulgaria, the “Kamen Briag” plant in the municipality of Kavarna.

The new wind farm consists of 7 turbines with a capacity of 3 MW each, for a total installed capacity of 21 MW. The park covers an area of approximately 70 hectares of
land. With an annual production of over 56.5 million kWh, it will be able to meet the energy needs of 19,000 households while avoiding the emission of 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In late 2008 Enel Green Power Bulgaria (EGPB) signed an agreement with Global Wind Power Bulgaria (a subsidiary of the Danish Global Wind Power) for the acquisition of the
Kamen Briag wind project and a similar project located in the Shabla Municipality. Enel Green Power Bulgaria expects to bring into operation an additional 21 MW of wind
capacity within 2009 when its Shabla project, currently under construction, comes on line.

Francesco Starace, President of Enel Green Power, commented: “With this first project we see the start of Enel’s wind generating capacity in Bulgaria. This project represents further evidence of Enel’s commitment to renewable energy generation and marks the growth of Enel’s business in Bulgaria. We are now a step closer to a balanced energy mix in our Bulgarian portfolio. We believe in wind power and we want to play a leading role in developing this energy source in the country.”

Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to developing and managing worldwide energy generation from renewable sources. It operates over 4,500 MW in plants
relying on run-of-the-river hydro, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass sources in 14 countries in Europe and the Americas. With over 17 kWh produced annually, Enel Green
Power is a world leader in the renewables’ sector.


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