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ELDR launched membership for individuals: let your liberal voice be heard!


02 Feb 2011


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ELDR launched membership for individuals: let your liberal voice be heard!

The ELDR Party has taken a significant step forward towards citizens’ participation at EU level by launching associate membership of the ELDR Party for individuals.

“Direct participation is all about nourishing the quality of future democracy. And with this initiative ELDR would like to add flesh to the bones to what was introduced in 1992 by the Maastricht Treaty: the European citizenship” commented Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, President of the ELDR Party.

“Associate Membership for individuals – Neyts-Uyttebroeck added - is a sign of support to the European liberal values of freedom and individual responsibility, democracy and the rule of law, respect for human rights and tolerance”.

Our Associate membership is open to any European under the following conditions:

•  Adhere to the statutes of the ELDR Party as well as to the fundamental values as expressed in the founding document of the ELDR Party, the “Stuttgart Declaration”.

•  Not to be a member of any national political party that itself belongs to any other European political party other than the ELDR Party.

•  Pay a membership fee of 25€.

There is an evident distinction in comparison to the individual membership of the European Socialist and People’s Party. ELDR infact gives the possibility to sign up for membership not only to those already member of a national political party, but also to individuals not necessarily linked to political parties.

The launch of Associate Membership for individuals is unquestionably another step in the continuing development of the ELDR Party from a network of liberal parties into a fully fledged European political party.

Once there will be truly pan-European election campaigns and European candidates in the elections for the European Parliament, ELDR will be ready to involve its associate members in our election campaign activities.


1)      An Associate membership card,

2)      Home delivery of the quarterly ELDR newspaper,

3)      The ELDR electronic newsletter.

4)      Personalised invitations for selected events.


Furthermore, associate members will be able to participate and be a candidate in online elections that will select the delegate(s) representing associate members at the yearly ELDR Congress.


Sign up as an Associate Member and join the debate on Europe!