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EFET expresses concerns about the revised draft EEAG in a letter to the European Commission


01 Apr 2014


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The  European  Federation  of  Energy  Traders  (EFET)1 welcomes  the decision  of  the
European  Commission  to  review  the  draft  Guidelines  on Environmental  and Energy Aid
(EEAG). The transition to a truly competitive internal European energy market is a crucial
step,  which  requires  sustainable  policy  choices.  National  renewable  energy  support
schemes have created market distortions and have had a detrimental effect on competition
and  liquidity. Undistorted  price  signals  are needed to compensate sound investment, to
trigger new investment, and to keep costs to consumers low.

In a letter2 to the European Commission, EFET expressed concerns about several aspects
of the revised EEAG. We encourage the Commission to take into account the following:

•  No national support scheme should in future discriminate against sellers of imported
RES sourced electricity, nor against an exporting generator/ trader.
•  Renewable electricity generators should assume responsibility for balancing.
•  Exemptions from auctioning could make the framework uncertain.
•  Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms should be fully market-based, taking account
of generation adequacy and power plant availability on a cross-border basis,
and allowing for effective competition among all capacity providers.
•  A clear date for all support schemes to comply with the new rules is needed.
The tremendous  growth of  renewable electricity generation  in  the  past  years has already
established RES  producers  as a cornerstone  of  power  supply  in  many  parts  of  Europe.
Therefore,  we  believe  that  it  is also time for  them  to take  their  share  of  responsibility in
ensuring the sustainability of the power system.

For further information, please contact:
Irina Nikolova, EFET Policy and Communication Associate
E-mail:, Tel: +32 (0) 2 737 11 02

The European  Federation  of  Energy  Traders  (EFET) promotes  and  facilitates  European energy
trading  in  open,  transparent,  sustainable  and  liquid  wholesale  markets,  unhindered  by  national
borders or other undue obstacles.  We currently represent more than 100 energy trading companies,
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The EFET letter to the European Commission is available at: