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EFBW recommends key success factors in setting up Deposit Refund Systems


09 Jun 2020



Brussels, 09th of June 2020. EFBW today publishes their recommendations on the key design features that contribute to the efficient and successful introduction of a Deposit Refund System. Natural mineral and spring water producers are more than ever committed to embrace circularity and partner with the whole supply chain to give all their packaging a second life.

Our members market their products in fully recyclable packaging materials, such as PET, glass or aluminium, which are valuable resources. However, current collection rates for beverage packaging are disappointingly low in some EU countries and litter remains a serious concern. That is the reason why in early 2018 the industry was the first to announce clear packaging pledges. This was followed by a push for a stronger circular economy through efficient collection systems[1] realised via well performing Extended Producer Responsibility schemes (EPRs) or via the introduction of Deposit Refund Systems (DRS).

With the revision of the Waste Framework Directive in 2018, minimum requirements for EPRs were introduced. Yet, there are no guiding principles for Deposit Refund Systems in the EU legislation whilst they have a critical role to play towards achieving the Single Use Plastics Directive’s objectives (90% collection by 2029 and 25% recycled PET by 2025).

To make their bottles fully circular, natural mineral and spring water producers need a consistent supply of high-quality, food contact, recycled material. To meet these requirements, separate collection is essential. “Well-designed DRS can greatly help deliver on those objectives. Therefore, we call on the EU-Commission to introduce guiding principles for DRS, as indicated in the Single Use Plastics Directive”, says EFBW President, Jean-Pierre Deffis.

“We are not alone on this journey towards circularity. We want to cooperate with all actors involved in waste management. This is why we release these guidelines today to ensure that the aspirations of the Circular Economy Action Plan turn into reality”, says Deffis further.

Find the full position paper on DRS key success factors here:



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