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EFA receives the "Gabor Aron" Award for 2016


21 Nov 2016


Global Europe

The prize is awarded to organizations with significant contribution in supporting the self-determination of the Szekler peoples, and the autonomy struggle of Szeklerland


The European Free Alliance (EFA) will be the recipient of the "Gabor Aron" Award for 2016, after a decision of the Szekler National Council in Romania. The award ceremony will be held on March 10th 2017 -day of Szekler Freedom- in Marosvasarhely/Targu Mures. 

EFA considers the award as a great honor and acknowledgement of its ongoing systematic support to the demands of the Szeklerland Hungarians for self-determination and autonomy in a highly centralized and unfortunately still minority-oppressive Romanian state. Furthermore and in a broader context, it confiorms the role of EFA as the leading European political party which stands for minority recognition and protection, linguistic justice and advocates the basic human right of self-determination.

Background information on the Gabor Aron Award and the Szekler National Council (SNC)

The Award  was named after Gabor Aron,  a Szekler artillery officer and national hero of the 1848-49 Hungarian Freedom fight and Revolution. It was established in 2008, and is awarded according to the decision of the Standing Committee (the executive body of SNC). The Prize can be given to individuals or organizations both domestic, or international whom made a "significant contribution in supporting the self-determination of the Szekler peoples, and the autonomy struggle of Szeklerland". A maximum of 4 awards per year can be handed out but usually there is only one annual recipient. EFA was the first European organization to be nominated and eventually to have won the award

The Szekler National Council iwqs formed in 2003 and is the representative body of the Szekler people. It is the proto-parliament of the historical Szeklerland (an area in Transylvania, Romania about 13,500 km2 large with 800.000 inhabitants, 80% of which is Hungarian speaking Szekler), an area which is currently divided into three administrative units (Kovászna, Hargita, and Maros).With regards to its political activity, SNC is a civil society-based regional single issue movement, created to defend and lobby for the rights of the Szeklers, and to represent their territorial autonomy aspirations.