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ECTA’s statement on the Digital Agenda Scoreboard published today*


18 Jun 2012



The Digital Agenda Scoreboard published today by the Commission confirms that despite the demand for high speed broadband services, investments in ultra-fast networks are too slow or they are not happening at all. ECTA’s chairman, Tom Ruhan, said “the data published today make it clear that more efforts are need to achieve the 2020 targets set by the Digital Agenda for but in order to deliver we need to tackle the problem at its root. Competitors are currently leading fibre roll-out in Europe, but are being starved of the cash they need to invest. There is an urgent need to ensure that excess profits currently made by incumbent telcos from renting their legacy copper lines are channelled into open fibre networks for the benefit of all. The Commission’s upcoming proposals for a Recommendation on wholesale charges in fixed telecoms will play a crucial role”.     


Today the European Commission published the yearly Digital Agenda Scoreboard reporting an impressive growth of data traffic and low investment levels in ultra-fast networks.

Vice-President Neelie Kroes said: "Europeans are hungry for digital technologies and more digital choices, but governments and industry are not keeping up with them. This attachment to 20th century policy mindsets and business models is hurting Europe’s economy. It’s a terrible shame. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by under-investing. Europe will be flattened by its global competitors if we continue to be complacent.”

* The views expressed on costing, pricing and FTTx technologies represent those of alternative telecoms operators and cannot be held to reflect the views of those members with incumbent interests.

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