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EBTN announces first ever Triple E EFCB Qualification

The European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB) offered by the Hellenic Banking Institute of the Hellenic Bank  Association - EBTN’s Greek member  body - is rewarded  as  the first  ever  Triple  E EFCB qualification  in financial services. This decision was taken by EBTN’s Board of Directors after a careful review by EBTN’s Triple E Committee. EFCB is a professional qualification confirming fundamental knowledge and skills of those who work in a bank for a short period and those who start their careers in a bank and would like to progress at a good pace. The first “Triple E EFCB” certificates were recently sent to Athens. 

As a result of EBTN’s Triple E project,  through  collaboration  with  sectoral  stakeholders  from  the  national  markets,  from 2015  the  certificate  has  been  transformed  into  a  new  modernised  European  qualification  compliant  with  the Triple  E Standard. Ms.  Mariola  Szymanska-Koszczyc, EBTN’s  Vice  President  responsible  for  accreditation  and Chair  of  the  Triple  E Committee: “The Triple E Committee congratulates the Hellenic Banking Institute of the Hellenic Bank Association on this milestone”.

Ms. Haroula Apalagaki, recently appointed as Secretary General of the Hellenic Bank Association: “We are very glad to be the  first  Association  which  participated  in  this pan  European project  successfully,  and  we  shall  enhance  our  high  level education courses”.

Mr. Emmanuel Charalambidis, Training Manager of Alpha Bank, the first Greek bank to the employees of which the Triple E EFCB certificates were awarded: “We have been running the EFCB program since 2008. Having been very satisfied with the level  of  banking  matters  covered, we paid  special  attention  to the  new  version  of  syllabus  and  its certified  courses. The outcome was  highly  appreciated  and  we  will  further  encourage  the  attendance  of  Triple  E  EFCB  by our  new  highcalibre employees”.

EBTN  launched  the Triple  E  standard for  qualifications  in  the  financial  services  sector  in  January  2016.  It  is a  quality standard for (professional) qualifications in the European financial industry, with a focus on the banking sector. The Triple E standard provides  a  framework  for  how  a  professional  qualification should  be  designed  and  executed. Triple  E  is  an accreditation  recognition  for  institutions  of  the  quality  of  qualifications  they  provide. Qualification  owners  can apply for  a Triple E accreditation by EBTN. Applications are based on self-evaluation by the applicant.




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