EAA welcomes renewed focus of Energy Efficiency Action Plan


01 Apr 2011



Brussels, 8 March 2011

The European Aluminium Association (EAA) today welcomes the focus of the Commission’s new Energy Efficiency Action Plan on the
building sector. Upfront investment costs however remain the most significant
barrier to increased efficiency, and this is why financial support is critical.
“There are potentially massive energy savings to be gained from buildings and as a key
building technology aluminium can more than play its part” said Patrick de Schrynmakers, EAA’s Secretary General.

“Therefore we strongly support the renewed focus of the Action Plan on accelerating the
refurbishment of buildings and constructing energy efficient new buildings, both of which
bode well for the EU’s ambitious but necessary energy efficiency goals for 2020”.
“In particular, we are pleased to see a binding refurbishment target of 3% per year for
buildings from the public sector. Energy efficient building products and materials are more expensive, and it is therefore critical that Member States act as the catalyst by offering adequate financial incentives.”

Examples of how aluminium can bring about energy efficiency gains include intelligent
façades incorporating aluminium systems which can decrease energy consumption in
buildings by up to 50%. Used in diverse applications, aluminium can increase natural lighting inside buildings and reduce the need for heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

More information on aluminium in buildings is available in EAA’s online brochure.
About European Aluminium Association:
The European Aluminum Association, founded in 1981, represents the European aluminum industry from alumina and primary production to semi-finished and end-use products, through to recycling. The European aluminum industry directly employs about 236,000 people.

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