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EAA: EP vote on CO2 emissions “a missed opportunity”


01 Apr 2011


Climate & Environment

Brussels, 15 February 2011 – Today’s vote in the European Parliament on the
Regulation on CO2 emissions from vans shows that EU decision–makers still shy
away from using lightweighting as a means to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles,
according to the European Aluminium Association (EAA). Instead, the adopted
Regulation allows heavier vehicles to emit more CO2.

“The EAA regrets this missed opportunity,” said Patrick de Schrynmakers, EAA’s Secretary General. “Reducing weight by using aluminium is one of the easiest and most cost effective measures to lower emissions from vehicles. It is readily available and is already used by most car manufacturers. It does not compromise on strength and is actually safer for all road users.”

However, impressive lightweighting potential remains untapped as a maximized use of
aluminium could cut total vehicle weight by one third and car bodies alone by 40%, thereby drastically reducing subsequent CO2 emissions.

Unfortunately the current mass-based calculation method, which allows for higher emissions for heavier vehicles and is supported by EU regulators, discriminates against light-weight technologies.

The EAA supports a regulation that would not be based on the mass and be technology neutral. “The current system gives vehicle manufacturers the green light to produce more polluting and heavier vehicles,” concluded Mr de Schrynmakers. “The European Aluminium Association will continue to push for the adoption of a technology neutral parameter in upcoming reviews”.

About European Aluminium Association:
The European Aluminum Association, founded in 1981, represents the European aluminum industry from alumina and primary production to semi-finished and end-use products, through to recycling. The European aluminum industry directly employs about 236,000 people.

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