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Durban Climate Change Conference to become Economic Forum. Karl-Heinz Florenz MEP


16 Nov 2011


Climate & Environment

Opportunities of a sustainable and low-resource economy/Green technologies can create jobs/European Parliament on UN Conference in Durban

The upcoming UN Conference in Durban has to achieve efficient climate protection through low-resource technologies and sustainable growth. This is the gist of today's Resolution of the European Parliament on the Climate Change Conference to take place in South Africa from 28 November to 9 December. "We globally see the limitations of current economic growth. Only with a green economy will we be able to save jobs and prosperity", said Karl-Heinz Florenz MEP who will head the EPP Group delegation in Durban.

MEPs call for a binding post-Kyoto agreement for the period after 2012. Greenhouse gas emissions ought to be reduced by 25 to 40% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels, if global warming is to be limited to two degrees centigrade. "The EU must devise a comprehensive strategy including a climate change foreign policy. We need to face taking on board other 'big countries'. To simply continue with the Kyoto Protocol will not be enough", said Mr Florenz.

The main focus of the MEPs' call is the transformation of the world economy to be based on sustainable growth. "The opportunities of green technologies have been recognised even in China and the US. So, Europe must look for strong partners to make the Durban Climate Change Conference an Economic Forum. The fight against climate change is not about bashing industry, but a unique opportunity to actively promote structural change leading to a green economy. As Europeans, we need to put more effort into this to avoid being left behind by countries we had until recently considered sluggards", the EPP Group MEP said.

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