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Dominique Reiniche of Coca-Cola Europe takes over Presidency of European Beverages Association


27 Nov 2012


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Dominique Reiniche, President of Coca-Cola Europe, has been elected president of UNESDA, the Union of European Beverages Associations, representing the non-alcoholic drinks industry in Europe.  She succeeds Zein Abdalla, CEO of PepsiCo, with immediate effect and her tenure will run to May 2015.  



Assuming  the presidency at the UNESDA board meeting in Brussels last week, Ms Reiniche reflected on the challenges facing the sector and the need for UNESDA to continue to take a lead in demonstrating the industry’s contribution to the economy, to society and to enjoyment. 



 “Our sector is a significant contributor to the European economy providing growth, jobs, tax contributions and added value throughout the supply chain. For example, a recent study estimates that the supply chain of Coca-Cola alone is worth about €30B in value added to the European economy and generates about 600.000 jobs. Estimated impacts are of course likely to be much higher for the sector as a whole,” explained Dominique Reiniche.  “We offer quality products that people enjoy and provide a wide variety of drinks, including no-sugar and reduced sugar which now account for some 30% of the market in Europe.”



“We have also shown that we act responsibly in the marketplace,” continued Reiniche.  “The far-reaching commitments UNESDA members made to the EU Platform back in 2006 mean that for the past six years we have not advertised our products to children under 12 on TV, in print or online and have not offered them for sale in primary schools right across the EU27 – in line with our efforts not to undermine the role of parents as gatekeepers of children’s dietary choices.”



“For years now, all our products have transparently indicated on-pack calorie and sugar contents per person and as part of Guideline Daily Amounts, to help consumers choose what is best for them. We will continue and further enhance our dialogue with regulators, peers, consumers and all our stakeholders to ensure that our industry remains relevant and demonstrates its value.”



UNESDA, which gathers 12 corporate members and 24 National Associations is based in Brussels and has been established for more than 50 years.




For further information contact: Sam Rowe, UNESDA: ++ 32 (0) 475 361286 or




UNESDA represents the beverages industry in Europe and works alongside regulators, the broader food industry and other stakeholders in ensuring that the industry adheres to the very highest standards of integrity and transparency in every area in which it operates from environmental issues through to consumer marketing.  In particular the industry lays stress on its responsibility in the marketplace and the wide variety and choice of beverages that it offers. The European beverages market totals some 123 billion litres per year and there are 1,071 production plants across the EU27.