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Dialogue among progressive forces in Tunisia essential to meet the country’s socio-economic challenges, say S&Ds


20 Sep 2017


Development Policy
Social Europe & Jobs

Socialist and Democrat MEPs are organising a conference on 23 September in Tunis on the topic of ‘Rebuilding the political landscape in Tunisia – What platform for dialogue for progressive forces?’ It will foster co-operation among all the progressive forces in Tunisia.
The purpose of the conference, which is being co-organised by the S&D Group in the European Parliament and the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), enhanced co-operation with progressive trade unions and civil society.

Elena Valenciano, S&D Group vice-president responsible for foreign policy, said:

“The dialogue among all Tunisian progressive forces is more than necessary to enable the country to cope with the many socio-economic and democratic challenges that Tunisia faces. A more united centre-left will be in a stronger position to carry out reforms that promote sustainable and quality jobs, and the geographical and social cohesion of the country. Tunisia needs strong progressive parties to offer young Tunisians from all regions of the country sustainable opportunities for education, jobs and the future, and to allow them to participate fully in society.”

Enrique Guerrero Salom, co-chair of the Global Progressive Forum, said:

“The progressive forces in Tunisia must co-operate and unite in order to guarantee the democratic transition of the country. We, the European Socialists and Democrats, need strong and representative interlocutors, especially in view of the crucial municipal elections that are upon us – the first since the revolution.
“Tunisia is the most promising example of democratic consolidation after the Arab Spring; and we want to encourage dialogue among the progressive forces in order to establish long-term social dialogue, respect for human rights and active citizenship.”


* The S&D delegation participating in the conference is made up of the following members:

  • Elena Valenciano MEP, vice-president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament responsible for foreign policy, development and trade
  • Enrique Guerrero Salom MEP, co-chair of the Global Progressive Forum
  • Maria Arena MEP, member of the European Parliament’s committee on women’s rights and gender equality
  • Inés Ayala Sender MEP, chair of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and Arab Maghreb Union
  • Pier Antonio Panzeri MEP, chair of the European Parliament’s sub-committee on human rights

Gilles Pargneaux MEP, S&D co-ordinator of the delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean