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The debate is over: now we expect action


25 Nov 2009



ECTA looks to new Commission to reinvigorate the single market and strengthen its commitment to competition during the next five years

Brussels, 24 November 2009; As the Telecoms package is approved today in Strasbourg the European Competitive Telecoms Association (ECTA) looks to the newly appointed Commission to reinvigorate the single market for competition and promote a level playing field across the EU27.

The Telecoms Package contains important proposals that confirm Europe ’s commitment to open and competitive telecoms markets including the power for regulators to separate dominant firms if they fail to abide by competition rules and a clear signal that fibre networks should be opened for competition. This will benefit consumers through more choice and diversity in high speed broadband services which will promote creativity and investment and create jobs. The new rules also boost the powers of the Commission and create a body to co-ordinate Europe’s 27 national regulators to bring greater cohesion to Europe ’s fragmented telecoms markets.

“The challenge now is for the Commission, Governments and national regulators to remove the remaining barriers to competition,” said Innocenzo Genna , chairman of ECTA. “We can no longer afford to be in the slow lane of the digital economy. President Barroso needs to make the digital agenda a priority for Europe and appoint a Commissioner with the drive and vision to kick-start the market and resist pressure from Governments seeking to protect inefficient dominant firms.”

Driving Next Generation Access and broadband services is a top priority for the industry and will play a crucial role in driving economic recovery and delivering the services and content that business and consumers need in the new economy.

The Commissions’ own data published this month shows that no progress has been made towards competitive broadband markets for more than two years with incumbents continuing to dominate most markets. We now must take the opportunity of the new framework to re-energise our quest for competition and promote deployment of fibre networks open to competitors at a fair price so that businesses and consumers can receive high speed services from a wide variety of providers.

“All our past experience shows that Europe needs active intervention to deliver a dynamic and open telecoms sector that will drive its economy and unlock digital benefits for business and society,” concluded Genna.

For further information please contact Ilsa Godlovitch, ECTA, 02 227 2718