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Détente and diplomacy for a constructive Iran strategy


10 Mar 2011


Global Europe

"Although the Belder report had been considerably improved through amendments, the policy of sanctions upheld in this report is unlikely to improve the situation in any sustainable way," said GUE/NGL MEP Sabine Lösing (Germany) speaking during the debate on the future of EU relations with Iran in the European Parliament this afternoon.


Unfortunately the basic philosophy of realistic future prospects is not developed in the report, she said, while stressing that the human rights situation in Iran is intolerable.


Ms Lösing advocated a policy of détente to promote greater democracy in Iran, saying "we must do all in our power to ease the international situation. An aggravation of international relations could mean the threat of further anti-democratic measures within that country and a weakening of the opposition there". A policy of détente and negotiations could put an end to any threat scenario but could only be successful with diplomatic recognition by all partners.


"This is the only way we can reach a reasonable compromise in the controversy over the nuclear programme. An alternative resolution has been tabled for a more constructive Iran strategy.  For these reasons, I will call for the rejection of the Belder report," Ms Lösing concluded.


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