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Consumer group calls on the UK government to enable genetic engineering


01 Feb 2021



London, UK: On the 7th of January, the UK government launched a public consultation about the regulation of genetic technologies. Many groups, including the Consumer Choice Center, have endorsed genetic technologies, and there is good reason to expect the UK government to finally choose science over unjustified cautiousness inherent to EU regulations.

“Boris Johnson has repeatedly mentioned his willingness to liberate the UK’s “extraordinary bioscience sector from anti-genetic modification rules.” Such a policy would be a huge win for consumers and farmers, and at the same time it would also signal a momentous drift away from the European Union’s unjustified cautiousness towards these new technologies,” said Maria Chaplia, Research Manager at the Consumer Choice Center.

“The United Kingdom is best positioned to kickstart a European biotech revolution and set the example for other countries. It can become the first country in Europe to attract the Impossible Burger and allow GM salmon. In order to succeed, we recommend to enable the commercial growth of genetically modified crops and introduce equal labelling rules for both GMO- and GMO-free foods. Our goal should be to ensure more consumer choice for British consumers, and embracing genetic technologies is a crucial step in that direction.”

We at the Consumer Choice Center call on the UK government to take the path of more consumer choice and more science. In order to help amplify these efforts, we have published a short video to spread the word about the astounding opportunities of genetic engineering:

What are the benefits of enabling genetic engineering in the UK?

  • Approving GM pest-resistant crops could save about £60 million ($79 million) a year in pesticide use in the UK
  • More trade opportunities, including a trade deal with the US.
  • Improved agricultural performance with less labour and energy input and less cost input.
  • Reduced usage of pesticides and herbicides.

***CCC’s Maria Chaplia is available to speak with accredited media on consumer regulations and consumer choice issues. Please send media inquiries HERE***