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Commission's two-faced rush to approve GM potato flouts public opinion


04 Mar 2010


Agriculture & Food
Health & Consumers

With the statement that Mr Barroso does not intend to impose GM crops and will follow the policy guidelines set by the European Commission on licensing genetically modified crops from February 10th still ringing in our ears, the Commission has approved the cultivation of the GM potato Amflora.

Having already tabled an oral question on the issue for discussion in next week's Strasbourg plenary session, GUE/NGL MEPs Nikolaos Chountis and Kartika Liotard said "it is sadly typical that despite the denials, Barroso brought the approval in through the back door". "

The adoption of this measure by written procedure ensured that there was no debate on the issue and bypasses the new framework on GM authorisations due this summer" Chountis and Liotard said. "The accelerated approval of this is shocking because it reveals the depth and extent of the hypocrisy of the Commission President. He is defying European public opinion that is opposed to the cultivation of GMOs, and showing his indifference to the consequences for public health, the environment and conventional crops. This is a terrible step in the wrong direction on food safety policy so early on in this new Commission's mandate."

Bruxelles 03-03-2010


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