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COGEN Europe welcomes new members Hoerbiger and Sunfire


10 Jul 2018


Trade & Society

COGEN Europe is delighted to welcome HOERBIGER and Sunfire as new members to the association. HOERBIGER´s Engine Division is a global acting and leading supplier of pioneering, high-performance components and systems for reciprocating gas and dual-fuel engines in marine, on and off-road as well as for power generation and mechanical drive applications. Sunfire is a young and innovative solid oxide cell company with a global scope, based in Germany. It develops and manufactures systems for renewable industrial gas and fuel production.


HOERBIGER is active around the entire globe as a leading player in the field of compression technology, engine technology, industrial safety, drive technology and hydraulics. In 2017, its 7,300 employees achieved sales of 1.173 billion euros. HOERBIGER´s Engine Division - as a part of the HOERBIGER Group - supports customers (engine manufacturer, packager, end-user and service provider) to reduce green-house gas emissions by applying advanced technology for efficient engine operations. Therefore the Engine Division provides intelligent products and complete solution packages for the entire lifecycle of combustion engines.

HOERBIGER´s ideas, services and product solutions not only push the benchmark of the entire industry, but also guides our partners and customers to success: “Our company's very own motivation is the development of technologies and products to reduce greenhouse gases and to find sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for modern gas engines. As a member of COGEN Europe, we want to help define new opportunities for clean energy systems. At HOERBIGER, we strongly believe, that the cogeneration technology can play a key role in making our energy system more efficient and reduce emissions. We think it is important to make our voice heard within Europe regarding the potential of cogeneration meeting our climate and energy goals.”, said Hannes Hunschofsky, Head of Engine Division at HOERBIGER.


“The growing demand for clean heat and power is beneficial for our SOFC developments in the micro and small-scale cogeneration range. For the next two years, our objective is to launch 1 kW units for single family houses without a gas grid connection. To enter this segment, we will use our experience and know-how we acquired from the successful product development with our former partner Vaillant, as well as thanks to the FCH-JU funding support. 

Moreover, within the EU-funded project called “ComSos” three European manufacturers - Sunfire, SOLIDPower and Convion - will validate new product segments in collaboration with the respective customers and confirm product performance in real life including maintenance and service. The aim is to establish local manufacturing and certification for 20 kW small-scale cogeneration units which then can also be exported to system integrators in e.g. the United States and Asia. The logical consequence for us was to join COGEN Europe as a natural ally and to bundle forces for advocating combined heat and power and to benefit from supply chain synergies.”, says Andreas Froemmel, VP Sales & Marketing at Sunfire.




COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration, is the cross-sectoral voice of the cogeneration industry. Its mission is to work with EU institutions and stakeholders to shape better policies and eliminate administrative, regulatory and market barriers to the wider use of cogeneration in Europe. It aims to build a robust evidence-base to show the benefits of cogeneration, using the expertise of its membership, and establishing strong coalitions and partnerships.

About HOERBIGER´s Engine Division

HOERBIGER´s Engine Division - as a part of the HOERBIGER Group - supports customers to reduce green-house gas emissions by applying advanced technology for efficient operations. The Engine Division´s passion for technology in areas of combustion and controls, combined with a global network of highly experienced teams, fully supports its customers – OEMs as well as packagers and end-users. Focusing on R&D, application engineering and operational excellence are key capabilities to achieve system performances, even beyond the current state-of-the-art market requirements. As a partner for engine manufacturers, users and service providers, HOERBIGER´s Engine Division provides intelligent products, complete solution packages for the entire lifecycle of the engine. The customers benefit from innovation spirit, high flexibility, reduced operating costs, and reliable technology to meet future emission requirements and enhance the efficiency and reliability of reciprocating engines.

To serve and support the customer as best as possible, HOERBIGER´s Engine Division is broken down into four Business Units: OEM, Applications, Legacy Solutions and Service. This individualisation enables HOERBIGER to be a perfect partner for an entire engine life cycle.

From the initial equipment of new gas engines, to turn key upgrade projects, incl. services and spare parts, HOERBIGER´s Engine Division can handle it all … everything under one roof. The comprehensive product portfolio includes gas dosing, actuation and ignition systems to complete motor control.

About Sunfire

Sunfire was founded in 2010 by Carl Berninghausen, Christian von Olshausen and Nils Aldag. The headquarters are located in Dresden, Germany including manufacturing facilities. By today Sunfire technology has been protected with more than 140 patents and 4 trademarks.

Sunfire produces systems for renewable industrial gases and fuels. These substitutes for mineral oil and natural gas, known as e-Gas, e-Fuel or e-Chemicals, replace fossil fuels in existing infrastructures. The solid oxide cells (SOCs) used for the conversion process are also used as generators to provide electricity and heat.

Sunfire’s vision is to make regenerative energy from sources such as wind farms, tidal power plants and photovoltaic systems available wherever and whenever it is needed — not just when the wind is blowing, the waves are crashing or the sun is shining.

For further information please contact:

Thomas Vanhauwaert
Communications Officer