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CO2 emissions from cars: Europe stays in the driver's seat with green cars


25 Feb 2014


Climate & Environment
The greenhouse gas emissions from new passenger cars in the EU will be subject to tougher limits as from 2020. In addition, a more realistic test cycle for fuel consumption will be put in place and a further tightening-up of the emission limits at a later stage is foreseen. The European Parliament approved the new EU Regulation today. "The future limits are a real challenge for European manufacturers. However, the new standards can help keep Europe in the driver's seat when it comes to efficient and innovative cars", said the European Parliament Rapporteur Thomas Ulmer MEP.
The average greenhouse gas emissions from new passenger cars will be limited to 95 grams per kilometre as from 2021. In 2020, already 95% of the fleet must meet the new target. The limit as from 2015 is at 130 grams per kilometre.
The current fuel consumption test cycle NEDC is to be replaced by the new WLTP in the medium term. "The NEDC is out of touch with real-life driving on the road and consumers need a more realistic consumption test. The new WLPT standard will be mandatory for the EU by 2017", said the EPP Group MEP.
Low-emission vehicles with emissions below 50 grams can be weighted above average (so-called super credits). As from 2020, they can be calculated in relation to the rest of the fleet with factor 2. This factor is to decrease to 1.67 in 2021, to 1.33 the following year and to finally phase out altogether as from 2023. The maximum ‘greenhouse-gas rebate’ must not exceed 7.5 grams over the three-year period per manufacturer. "This is a reasonable and temporary incentive for alternative low-emission vehicles which would otherwise hardly be able to make it onto the market", concluded Ulmer.
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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